Connecting the electric towel warmer

Connecting the electric towel warmer to the hidden wiring.
In the modern world of new technologies and the need for energy saving – choosing a designed radiator with a dry flexible heating element inside is a sensible and practical solution. Moreover, if you paid attention to this issue in advance, it is possible to bring the wiring directly to the towel warmer.

That is, when you order the model “for concealed wiring”, you get a designed radiator that does not have an electric plug, and there is an output of 3 wires that must be connected directly to the electric cable in the wall, and the heat power regulator( On / off control) is placed on the bottom shelf of the designed radiator. Believe, it looks very aesthetic!

Algorithm for the installation and connection of an electrical

towel warmer is as follows:

1. Make measurements, marking and fixing the design radiator to the wall using the fasteners (cups) that come with the product.

2. Connect electrical cables and their insulation!!! Otherwise put the plug into the
power socket – if you have such model.

It is easy as one, two, three…

And so it looks like a regulator of thermal power (it’s a switch-switch), located on the heated towel rail for concealed wiring.

Water towel warmers, of course, are unbeaten leaders in heat transfer. However, they have a significant disadvantage – they are completely dependent on the heating system. If you have thought about all the pros and cons, and made the best decision, the next question is the installation and connection of the design radiator.


  1. After measuring and marking, fix on the wall the fasteners (cups) that come complete with the product.
  2. Attach the heated towel rail to the fasteners.
  3. Connect the designed radiator to the heating system using special cranes (stylish square cranes can be purchased separately – specify when ordering).

That is all! Just use and enjoy!